Saturday, 31 January 2015

Review : WonderGlow by Charlotte Tilbury

I have been after this product since it came out to add to my kit so after purchasing I used it on a shoot I did last weekend and OH MY GOD Its phenomenal :

What is it ?

As described by Chartlotte herself :

'Wonderglow is a breakthrough of hybrid anti-age elixir mixed with complextion enhancing light diffusers.  Powdered by a fluorescent core that converts UV light in luminosity for an instant soft focus 'spotlight effect'

My Model Phoebe with Wonderglow on 

It definitely is what it says it adds a soft luminous effect to the face, even though I personally do not apply it everywhere and add it to the high points of the face this gives an overall healthy glow that you see on the likes of Jlo, Kim Kardashian etc 

How to use ?

I use this by applying a pea sized amount or more and dabbing it on top of moisturiser etc to the high points of the face such as cheekbones, bridge of nose, temples, chin etc.  You can also apply it on top of the foundation or you can mix it with foundation 

I blend in with my fingers or as an alternative a flat foundation brush.  It has small glittery particles in and at first I thought this is going to have the Tin Man from Wizard of Oz effect but I was so wrong it gives the most luminous, glowing red carpet finish look.

Who's it for ?

This product is for all skin types including most oily types however if you have problems with your foundation/makeup not setting as long you want due to excess oil I would only apply a small amount to minimise any more product mixing in with  .

Overall look looking healthy, bronzed, beautiful 
You can buy the Charlotte Tilbury range at

Charlotte Tilbury

Charlotte Tilbury - Harvey Nichols

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Tuesday, 27 January 2015

New : Charlotte Tilbury Makeup Mini Haul

Its that time of the month again ..... Makeup Shopping and this time I had to buy a couple of Charlotte Tilbury Makeup.  I had an important shoot just this weekend gone and wanted some essentials for the shoot as I knew what looks I was going for :

Tilburizing my Makeup Pro Kit 

Brow Lift - Brook & Grace
Brow Lift £22.50  -  Ive been wanting these 2 shades for a while 'Grace' named after Grace Kelly & 'Brook' after Brook Shields .  The colours are so soft and I love the Tom Ford inspired end (Charlotte has also designed for TF) Colours Grace for blondes and Brook for  Brunettes,  I was surprised at the fact it had 3 steps to it as seen in the picture just below:

1, Shape - Comb brows to see what shape your brows are in & what needs filling
2 Shade - Fill in with the soft angled end and frame the face get them gorgeous brows your after
3 Lift -  Highlight with the little applicator on the brow bone to give a prominent shape 

Brows laid bare-  Shade, Lift, Shape 
Wonderglow Instant Beauty Flash Primer £38.50 -  This has been on my 'To Buy' list since CT brought out her brand. Got it, used it and love it.  I used this for a shoot for the first time last weekend (Check my review on my next post).  This is a GOD SENT product I used it under foundation as more of a soft highlighter.  It has shimmery little bits in it and I though oh no this is way too glittery for all over the skin BUT it is nothing like that it is by far the most effective subtle highlighter, base, just gorgeous thing ever.  Highly recommended to anyone who likes to add a healthy glow to their skin any time :) 

Wonder-glow Beauty Flash

Wonderglow swatch 

Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Lan Nguyen Masterclass LONDON : WOW

So just before Christmas I went to another Masterclass taught by my favourite Makeup Artist Lan Nguyen.  This was my 3rd time to her Masterclass in a year and I also got to assist her at 2 of her shows at London Fashion Week SS15 ( A DREAM COME TRUE) so I of course wanted to learn a whole lot more .

Like always Lan taught us all something new as well as advice, tips & tricks. Including Makeup Kit Essentials, HD Makeup, Makeup for Television, Editorial Looks, Fashion, Beauty TV Makeup, trials and errors she made and how she is where she is today.

What I really really love is after all the demo’s we all get a chance to go over on the partner next to us and create the looks and Lan then goes around and gives each one of us a one-to-one on the looks we have created.  I have learnt so much on what I need to improve on, what she thinks I’m doing well and tips on going that step better.  

We also got a preview of Lans upcoming new book which is to be released 2015 and all I can it is amaaaaaaaaaazing, WATCH THIS SPACE .

I would recommend her masterclasses to anyone who is wanting to get into Makeup or is already working in this industry :) 

You can find Lan Nguyen at

The look I did on my partner next to me  - Lan helped me in getting the eyeliner right as  I needed some practice  :) 
Kryolan Charles Fox - Masterclass Venue 

Red Lips Look 

Creative Lips 

Creative Eyeliner 
Winged & Textured Makeup 

Christmas in London & day out 

Shopping in Covent Garden :)

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Sunday, 4 January 2015

My Origins Skincare Routine :)

Hey Guys.... I had to do a post on my skincare routine using Origins since I have been using this roughly for 2 years (not the whole routine) but the products.  I have used couple of other brands such as Dermalogica, Elizabeth Arden & Olay in between but none come close to Origins.  

My skin is combination and I have had PROBLEMATIC skin in the past (Acne), I was on Roaccutane for 6 months in 2013 and my skin now is a whole lot BETTER & I have stuck to Origins as I believe this keeps my skin calm and acne free. ORIGINS is Paraben-free, 100% natural essential oils and made from Active Plants.

Origin Skincare I own at the moment 

Clean Energy Cleansing Oil £22.50 

WHAT - I have been using this since 2012 every night to remove my Makeup with.  Its a cleansing oil which contains Olive, Sunflower, Sesame oils to remove dirt, pollutants etc.  Vitamin E which protects your skin against the hazardous environment.  I love the smell it reminds me of when your having a facial at a spa gives the aroma of Grapefruit, Orange & Lemon  
HOW - This removes all my makeup I massage it onto dry skin and then after about 30 seconds add warm water which turns it into milky lotion and you can just see and feel everything coming off 
WHO FOR - This is mainly for normal/oily skin  I wouldn't recommend it if you suffer from very dry skin  - Great for giving your self that little night time spa like treatment

Origins GinZing - Refreshing Scrub Cleaner £18.50
I bought this 2 months ago after using a cleanser from another brand that turned out to be a disaster so back I was at Debenhams at the Origins Counter

WHAT - I use this every morning and evening to cleanse my skin (evening after I have used the Gentle Cleansing Oil) it contains gentle grains withe energising Coffee Bean & Panax Ginseng.  This also works as a gentle exfoliant 
HOW - This wakes up my tired looking skin and smells refreshing on a morning not too strong but just right - I massage this onto wet skin for about 40 seconds and then wash off with a cloth or just my hands - A little goes a long way so you only need the most tiniest pea sized amount 
WHO FOR - Recommend for those with normal/oily skin - If your looking for something like a gentle exfoliant but more then just a simple cleanser this is what you need  

Origin Zero Oil £18.50

WHAT - This is a COOLING MINT & PORE MINIMISING toner which includes Salicylic Acid which removes shine & excess oil - It leaves me with a smooth matte finish 
HOW - I apply this after I have used both my Cleansing Oil and Ginzeng Scrub - I dab this onto cotton pads and gently remove any excess dirt, oil etc (and there always is that bit of excess that water doesn't remove) This leaves my skin feeling so refreshed and 110% clean 
WHO FOR - This is for all skin types just what you need to tone up the skin before going to bed or removing any makeup etc  

DR WEIL Mega Mushroom Skin Relief £50.00

WHAT - Containing anti-inflammatory Sea Buckthorn, Mega Mushrooms Chaga & Reishi.  A soothing face cream that I apply when my skin feels sensitive or slightly red.  It smells amazing and you just know it is made from the most natural ingredients  
HOW - I apply this several times a week either on a evening after my Toner or on a morning when Im  planning not to were any makeup all day but want my skin too look as refreshed and calm as possible   
WHO FOR - For all skin types - If you are one of them that likes to treat yourselves to a cream that is slightly pricier and need to calm skin redness then look no further

Dr Weil Mega Mushroom Cream - I can smell it from just looking at this picture

GinZing Refreshing Brightening Eye-cream @23.00
WHAT - Containing Coffee Beans, Panaz Ginseng, Magnolia Extract & natural optic brighteners.  This doesn't have that natural oil smell like the other Origin products I own but has more of a clay smell.  My eyes look brighter & healthier every single time I apply this. It also hydrates the skin around my eyes
HOW - I apply this on a morning for them no makeup days or on an evening when my eyes feel tired and overworked. Its best to use your ring finger (as it has the lightest pressure) and just dab it around the eyes you will instantly see the difference 
WHO FOR - If you suffer from eyes that always look puffed, tired, dull & dark circles then its yours -  It has a peachy salmon colour (see picture below) so even if the skin around your eyes are darker then your face it still looks amazing and works a highlighter - LOVE IT 

GinZing Eye-cream has a peachy salmon toned colour

You can find Origins at Origins Skincare

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Sunday, 28 December 2014

Sebastian Professional Hair Haul -

Hey Peeps ...  So I just topped up my Freelance Hair Kit with  Sebastian Professional Hair Ive done a review on Sebastian before which you can find here Sebastian Thermal Review

I have used this brand now since 2008, I have used other brands too but always come back to Sebastian. I love it, my clients love it, I'm so comfortable and confident working with it.  I recently was working with the Tressame Spray which I bought to try out and can honestly say it was the worse thing ever, for me  and my clients it didn't work.  No one ever complained but I would see after I did a finish spray over the style no matter what the hair colour, it would leave soft white snow type marks as well as a sticky finish....AWFUL.. (End of)

My hairdresser is amazing and as I buy quite a few products whenever I visit he always throws in a new product for me to try which I'm currently loving Sebastian Dynamic Dry Shampoo.  It's not the cheapest of brands to buy but its WORTH EVERY SINGLE PENNY.  From my experience Ive paid and got fantastic results  :)

I buy mine from my Hairdressers Salon however you can purchase any product at the links below 

Hello Sebastian Gift Box Set 

Sebastian Professional Trilliant Gift Set The above box I wanted a Thermal Spray so my hairdresser gave me the Sebastion Gift Box which also included the travel sized Shampoo & Condition which came for free.  So I only paid £21.50 for gift box 

Thermal Mist, Shampoo, Conditioner

Sebastian Re-Shaper HairSpray    I use this mainly at the roots when I am blowdrying or back combing, shaping curls and adding more separation throughout the hair.  It's easy to brush through and does not leave any sticky residue at all.  My clients always love how it smells and ask what and where can they buy this from too.  

Sebastian Shaper Fierce Spray  Perfect spray to finish any style with, I use this when I want to make sure hairstyles are held in place for the full day/night i,e Bridal Hair, Wedding Hair, Party Hair, Fashion Shoots.  Again smells amazing leaves no sticky residue and is the strongest hold of all the Sebastian range 

Shaper Fierce, Reshaper, Dynamic Spray

Sebastian Dynamic Spray This is basically a dry shampoo that you spray at the roots and then massage in with your fingers to create lots of volume and life.  If you've not time to wash you hair or it doesn't need to be but you just need a bit of lift just spray this where needed and you'll feel fresh as a daisy.  It doesn't have that sickening floral smell like some Ive used from other brands but has the Sebastion smell which I can't get enough of ...MUST TRY ... 

This review is not sponsored or affiliated with Sebastian Hair - All opinions and statements are my own opinion and have been put together for

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Sunday, 21 December 2014

Kryolan & Charles Fox Makeup Haul & Review :)

Hey Peeps, So I  purchased a few Kryolan Makeup recently and of course had to tell you guys about it.  Few weeks ago I went to Lan Nguyen Makeup Masterclass and she demonstrated some amazing looks using the products I purchased : 

Eyeshadow Palette V3 Natural A MAKEUP KIT STAPLE - 18 MATTE NEUTRAL colours - This palette works so well with contouring, defining, eye makeup, brows, etc .  A palette which has multi-use and can work with every single look from Editorial to Bridal - Colours range from white, greys, browns, blacks, peach &  charcoal etc.  Both palettes are mirrored inside so this is always a bonus.

Kryolan Kajal - This is honestly the BEST Kajal/Water Liner everrrrr - I have been using it for the past week and WOW - It doesn’t smudge, it lasts all day, the black is soooo intense, and you can also use it as an under base before eyeshadow  - IF YOUR LOOKING FOR a water liner/kajal that does these things BUY IT NOW - Great to create looks i.e dark smokey eyes, Goth/Rock Makeup, Bridal/Party Makeup.

Kryolan Haul- Top Left V3 Eyeshadow Palette - Top Right Glamour Glow Palette
Brushes x4
Kryolan Kajal  - Left Bottom 

Glamour Glow- Elegance - This is another MAKEUP KIT MUST - 8 soft & silky powders which can be used for Blush, Bronzing & Highlighting.  You can use these powders nearly everywhere on the face Ive not used mine as of yet but they are known for their long lasting and effect.  I love that they are multi-use and what Lan did with them it was a must buy for me

Glamour Glow - Elegance


The Charles Fox ( Illusion Green 8512) is the most softest powder brush. I love using this especially around my eyes after I have applied foundation/concealer.  I could play with this all day. 
Black Blush 81460/14 - I love to contour with or apply blusher with. The brush handle actually makes it look really interesting I love holding it in a funny way I feel like a French Artist trying to perfect art I’m working on if that makes sense or not.  

Eyeshadow Brush  81479-  Lan used this a lot to blend and what a great job she did of it too.  Its great for stopping shadow going further then you like which some blending brushes can do if your not careful. I like to apply this within the socket/crease to contour or blend away harsh edges .

Concealer Brush 81483 - Great for concealing, cleaning or applying lipsticks and blending away any edges.  Also you can apply this under the bottom lashes for colour :)

L-R - Concealer Brush, Eyeshadow Brush, Contour/Blush Brush, Powder Brush 

You can find Kryolan/Charles Fox at Kryolan Professional Makeup 

If your a Makeup Artist you can also join their Pro Scheme which offers 20% discount - Visit Kryolan Pro Card Scheme Makeup Artists

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Sunday, 14 December 2014

MAC Prep & Prime Highlighter- Eyes Concealing - Review

If you read my recent post on my MAC Haul you will know I purchased 2 of the Prep+Prime Highlighters which I have been using recently ....... So here is my review:  

Who's It For?

  • If your a Makeup Artist they are a great benefit to your kit
  • Ranges of tones means you can work well with skin tones 
  • For those wanting to touch up every now and then on them busy days out/or in the office 
  • Wanting extra coverage on top of your concealer

  • To Brighten up your makeup 

Where/ How to Apply ?

Below is a demo - Apply where needed - Most common uses are Under Eyes, Nose, Cheeks, Cupid Bow, Chin, Forehead, Brow Bone 

Apply with the soft pen style and then blend away with your finger in patting motions or with a beauty blender - I find these are the best way to apply Prep+Prime

A Bit More Info....

The Prep+Prime overall come in 4 colours.  I have the Light Boost (Yellow tone) & Bright Forecast (Orange tone).  If you are a NC15-NC25 like me the Light Boost is the perfect colour for you to apply - Bright Forecast is for those above NC30/Tanned I would say it works wonders under the eyes as it has a slight peach undertone within the Orange 

I love using these on my clients for those who are wanting that extra oomph added to their makeup, day/night makeup.  I find they don't crease and that a little goes a long way.  The 'Pen Style' means its great to travel with in your case. The packaging is Black and would look sophisticated in any makeup kit/bag. 

I apply some MUFE Concealer under my eyes - Blend in with sponge 

Using Prep+Prime Light Boost 

Apply to under eyes in soft strokes 

Using damp sponge to push the concealer into place

My Clinique Powder - Great for under eyes as its so fine 
Powdering away 
After - Eyes Look Brighter, Even & Awake .. I LOVE:)
You can buys yours for £18.50 at MAC Cosmetics  

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