Sunday, 26 October 2014

Barbie Doll Makeup - Wearable Tutorial How To - Makeup Zaira Cantara

Last week I did makeup for a 21st birthday party, the Birthday Girl requested a smokey eye with eyeliner.  Jessica was already stunning so didn't need much makeup but after I looked at the pictures I likened the makeup to a wearable Barbie Doll Makeup.  I think sometimes everyone thinks it has to be bright, colourful and a bit full on but the look I did on Jessica was wearable.  

See how I got the look below :

Eyes : 
Brow Bone - Strange
Crease - Limit
Outer Corner - Nooner

Outer Corner & Top Lash Line - Mystery smudged on top and further into crease
Bottom Lashes - Mystery & Carbon smudged with a Sigma Brushes Love-Makeup
Maybelline Eye Studio Lasting Gel Liner -  Top & Bottom and inner water line smudged again on lower lashes - for the flick I did quite a high point to give a really feline effect 

Cheeks Blusher:

I used Chanel for the cheeks to achieve a natural bronzed look and to add a natural glowing look
I used Charlotte Tilbury The Climax Blush which looked amazing bit of swish & swash as CT says worked well right on the apples of the cheeks 

Lashes & Mascara : 
Jessica had a pair of Benefit Cosmetics Lashes which I must admit I loved need to try them out in my kit 

So of course as its a party we want lashes to be Va Va Voom using Smashbox Full Exposure Mascara

Using Colour Sensational in Maybelline Sweet Pink

I curled Jessica's using the Babyliss Salon Soft Waves Hair Wand to create soft waves I then tied 2 pieces together into a knot to finish off.  I also used TRESeme Extra Hold Spray & Volume Spray to hold the hair for the night and added Sebastian Hair Products including Texture Spray & Heat Protector 

All Links to products provided above :)

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Saturday, 25 October 2014

My Zuca Artist Makeup Bags

FINALLLLLLLLYY...... I purchased the Zuca Pouches and wow let me tell you it is so worth it.. The amount of compliments I get on freelancing/studio work on how great my kit looks always organised & clean.

So Zuca are a brand that cater for many outdoor sport activities such as Hockey etc.  They also do Makeup Pro Bags, Pouches, Hair Pro Bags. They are clear so you can see what it is your carrying and its easy to find.  I bought 5 large pouches and labelled them into what products I wanted to carry in each pouch.  Ive seen many celebrity Makeup Artist carry the Zuca around so I knew it would cater to a lot of makeup 

Zuca bags are for all freelancers those who travel around and practically live in their kit,  I put all my pouches in my River Island suitcase and it works so well. I bought them from Puck Shop UK for £11 which offering web exclusive prices. They are easy to clean and stain-proof inside. Ive labelled them into 5 categories:

  • Prep - Skincare, Primers, Setting Spray etc
  • Base -  Concealer, Foundation, Powders, Correctors 
  • Definition - Blusher, Highlighter, Bronzer, Contouring
  • Eyes  -  Eyeshadow, Palettes,  Eyeliners, Glitters, Eye Bases/Primers
  • Lips -  Lip liners, Preps, Lipsticks, Lip-glosses, Palettes

Check out my pictures below & if your freelancing kit needs organising why not look into Zuca :) 

My Zuca all packed and organised for the weekend chaos to come :)

All new & shiny :) :) :)

Label Sorting 

Set out on my one of my freelancing jobs they look perfect, clear and ready to use :)

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Monday, 13 October 2014

Drugstore Makeup Haul & Review- Maybelline, Loreal, Rimmel & More

So I recently went shopping in Boots and bought some products that I wanted to try out.. I absolutely love Drugstore makeup I think sometimes you end up paying less for something that works out better then high end makeup.  

Below is a little review of what I bought & some tips & tricks for you all...

Beauty Haul 
Lipstick Kinda Girl - Try these shades :

I have been wanting to buy some lipsticks to add to my Japonesque pallete ( review coming) I decided to go for Maybelline, Rimmel & Loreal these just caught my eye.  I bought Rimmel Nude Delight, couple of Maybelline lipsticks these are long lasting and moisturising and lastly Loreal Color Riche in the colour Julianne's Nude this is now in my makeup bag I love this Soft Pink again moisturising and suits all skin tones. 

L-R Maybelline Summer Pink, Velvet Beige,
Rimmel  Nude Delight
Loreal Julianne's Nude, Maybelline Vintage Pink

£6.99- £8.99
Swatches below of the lipsticks all drugstore you can purchase these at Boots Lips  

Swatches of the lipsticks 
Makeup Bag Essentials Lovin it :

Loving these lip glosses from Maybelline Color Sensational Glosses there really sheer and long lasting. They also smell like sweets. Im into glosses at the moment and these are perfect for a day look or you can pair with a smokey eye in the evening. Trending in my makeup bag. 

Maybelline Color Sensational Glosses  - £6.19

Swtatches include Glorious Grapefruit 
Want a Mascara that gives lots of VOLUME:

I repurchased the Loreal Volume Millions Waterproof Mascara. This is a favourite with my clients especially my brides.  It definitely gives what it says volume but then also separates lashes.  There is no clumping of the lashes and again is long lasting.  With it being waterproof its a bonus so if you know your going to get emotional at a party or special occasion you need this....  

My favourite Drugstore Mascara for brides - Loreal Millions

Loreal Mascara wand.  The bristles are sharp and detailed therefore separating, lengthing and adding volume. I always have faith in this mascara and currently on my 3rd one 

Love the comb  giving great volume & length - £10.99
Get that J-Lo Look with Loreal Lumi Magique:

I can't count how many times I've watched YouTube Beauty Gurus using this Loreal Lumi Magique and wanted to try it. Finally I bought it. So it works as a primer as well as a luminous cream product to go under the foundation, mixed in or on top.  Its a cheaper version of Becca Shimmer and works well on really pale to olive skin tones.  I sometimes apply it under my foundation or just dab it as a highlighter on my cheekbones, nose , cupid etc and it looks amazing, Its so subtle your getting 2 uses from it (Primer & Highlighter) . It enhances radiance and if your wanting a affordable J-Lo look you have to try this :) 

Lorea Lumi - Long awaited and deco worth the hype - £9.99 
Swatch of Loreal Lumi

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Monday, 6 October 2014

The Brush Belt Company - Check out my new Brush Belt

Hey Guys, So I have been looking for more storage for my brushes for quite a while to use when I’m freelancing.  I have  2 Brush Holders which I purchased at IMATS LONDON 3 years ago and have been using them on my freelancing jobs, however I'm carrying more brushes now then ever since I'm busier and need something more flexible.

I came across a website called The Brush Belt Company and instantly loved what I saw.  It looked professional, had more then enough storage for my brushes, a secure fold over pouch and of course a little zip pocket for my phone/money/business cards/ or anything else I need to carry on the go. Oh & it also has an adjustable belt :) 

I purchased The Classic Brush Belt Company which was for £44.99 & it arrived within a couple of days. I mainly ordered it for LFW work so was happy when it came.  I'm now using it on all my jobs. I love the fact it is so easy to use as you can see it has a protective flap which secures and hides all the brushes when not in use but I also use this to place any used up brushes on the job so i can keep client/studios surfaces clean.  

The Brush Belt Company state that they wanted to design products & practical solutions for Pro Makeup Artists who were struggling to find suitable brush belts and set bags - I can relate to this 100% its hard finding the one right for you & after taking some time to research on many brands & products  I'm glad I decided to go with them.  They do currently state that they are also working on new ideas and products so I will be visiting again soon... Why not check them out link is below :) 

Packing my brushes  ready to beat faces :) 

Look at all them pockets ready to pack all them brushes in ..Lovin it

Just an example of how I like to lay out my brushes on the protective flap

Back Zip Pocket perfect for you phone/money/business cards

Disclaimer ; This post is not sponsored or affiliated in any way with The Brush Belt Company - All notes & opinions are my own I will only review what I think is worth reviewing :)

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Monday, 29 September 2014

Fresh Breakfast at EAT - London

Hi, So whilst I was working in London for LFW SS15 I had to of course have a good old breakfast before being in a room bombarded  with makeup & models.  One place I came across was a place called EAT which is hugely popular in London.

Browsing for breakfast as soon as I got in as you can see in the pictures the option of fresh pastry, fruit, drinks, freshly toasted and of course porridge & yogurts always gets me excited I enjoy trying a new place for food since I'm a huge Fooooooooodie.

I decided to opt for a fresh Berry Hibiscus Herbal Tea, Banana & Honey Porridge & lastly a hot toasted fresh Croissant.. Loved it whilst watching the lovely view outside the window, London red buses passing by, big green trees and of course people passing by on their way to work.  The croissant was perfect not too crispy yet not too soft which I love, the porridge again was on spot however I'm not sure I like Honey with it, but thought I would go for something different :) 

The food, hygiene and service was great and I definitely will be returning to try out many more fresh lovely food they have to offer.  They are located around London & have a branch in Manchester its definitely worth sitting down and having a bite to eat 

Enjoy the pictures below 

My Breakfast that I chose to have

Overview of the counter and ready to order

Yummy the goodies ..what shall I pick ?

Flat screen above showing Menu of the day along with all the choices

Outside EAT... Thats not me in the pic by the way :)

Lovely view outside the window looking into everyday London 

Huslin & Buslin through the streets after my breakfast ready to start my day :)

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Enjoy :) 

Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Vueset Pallete - Depotting my Maybelline Color Tattoo

I'm currently working on my Freelance Makeup Kit which I'm loving .  One idea I really wanted to work on was to depot my Maybelline Color Tattoo's into a palette, too often I find it hard to carry every colour with me and sometimes you never know what colours people will go for or want for their makeup when freelancing, 

I decided to buy the Vueset Palette from Love-Makeup - 12 Section Vueset Palette  this was the perfect palette to depot all my cream bases in from Maybelline. This now fits perfectly in one of my Zuca cases. 

What I found most helpful is not only is it easy to access on the job, but all the colours are right in front of me and I find it inspiring when creating looks on shoots or if I'm doing makeup on my clients whether it be for wedding or special occasion makeup.  I recently posted a picture on my Twitter, and somebody did mention if I was worried if they would dry up a lot quicker. But as the Vueset Palette is so tightly fixed and for the last couple of weeks that I've had them stored they are still creamy and so easy to work with still.  As long as your not leaving the lid off for ages then I can say they will be just as good as they were in the original Maybelline tubs. 

I highly recommend this for all Makeup Artists or for those makeup addicts who want to put all their cream products into a palette. The Vueset Palette can also be used for lipsticks, cream blushers, foundations etc so why not have a go :)

After - My palette has been filled looks amazing doesn't it?

Ready to depot all my Color Tatoos, as you can see how much space they take in their original tubs compared to Vueset


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Monday, 22 September 2014

Makeup Collection & Storage - Lipsticks & Brushes - YT Video

Hi Guys, 

So I'm back with my Lipstick & Makeup Brushes storage, as I'm a Makeup Artist I thought I would show you my Makeup Collection.. I have already uploaded my Face Products  & Eyes Storage which you can see clicking the links below 

Now its time to see what brushes I use, what lipsticks I use and a lot more.  Stay tuned for more YT videos ..