Friday, 29 May 2015

Estee Lauder Pure Color Gloss Collection Review

I bought these glosses since it is Wedding/Prom season and wanted more of a variety of glosses in my Makeup kit ... Estee Lauder glosses as everyone will know are not the most pocket friendly out there however they are amazing to wear and complete any look.

They look great on a fresh face wearing no or minimal makeup or for a Special Occasion such as Weddings, Prom, etc They smell sweet but not sickly, they have a little shimmer and I found they do not crease or cause any dry lines

Lookin Pretty ...

I love the names of the colours 

Lasting power - I had a Starbucks Fruit Tea and my gloss was still on, my lips still felt moisturised and coloured. I find them very handy to put a couple in my handbag when I'm going out and I think they would be perfect if you are going on holiday 

They are not the most pigmented but are not meant to be as its a gloss I prefer this it gives you the option to put on to bare lips or on top of a lipstick. As for what you get they are travel so come in 16.FL .

Sugar Rush, Rock Candy, Impulsive Coral, Electric Ginger, Race Raspberry 

Set of glosses :) 

They are priced at £31 visit Estee Lauder Cosmetics or Debenhams Estee Lauder 

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Tuesday, 19 May 2015

MAC Eyeshadows Pro Palette - Depot Freelancing Kit

Being a Makeup Artist you are always finding ways to improve and organise your makeup and what you work with.  This week I found time to arrange my MAC Eyeshadows into their Pro Palettes by making more space for more eyeshadows into each palette as this will make working on the job much easier, accessible and my freelance kit more compact.. See below how it turned out :

Before I de-potted my MAC Eyeshadows 

Above is how it was originally and how I stored them, you can see I had 15 Eyeshadows in each palette as this is what the inserts allowed.  They were secure and looked well however I wanted more Eyeshadows in each palette for the reasons I explained above.

De-potting MAC Eyeshadows - What you need :

Spatula Spoon, Hair Straightener, Safety pins, Damp Cloth (to clean any mess) & Superglue ( There are a lot of tutorials on YouTube that you can follow on how to)  

After - 1st palette de-potted holding 26 colours 

So this is how it looked afterwards as you can see I now have 26 MAC Eyshadows in the palette above - The colours are perfect for Bridal, Weddings, Special Occasions etc 

MAC Mineralize Limited Edition Eyeshadows - I got tempted to depot these beauties too 

I decided to also depot my MAC Mineralise Limited Edition Eyeshadows too which you can see above, I always forgot to include these in my kit as they were singular and decided to add these to my 2nd MAC Pro Palette 

2nd palette de-potted holding sparkly, glittery and darker colours :) 

Ta-daaa My 2nd Palette de-potted I included the Limited Edition colours in here including  glitter and dark Eyeshadows that can be used to create dramatic eyes, party & prom makeup.

Overall i enjoyed the de-potting process and it did take a few hours but I love how my palettes look now even more and more importantly they will be easier to to work with :) 

Visit MAC Cosmetics to shop ...

The BodyShop Peppermint Foot Spa

Peppermint Smoothing Pumping Scrub, Reviving Soak Salts, Filer 

After soaking my feet in warm water I applied the Pumice Foot Scrub (7.00) on top and bottom of feet to exfoliate.  This is best tried after you have had your feet in water or shower for a while.  The smell being Peppermint instantly makes you feel refreshed and with the hot water running you really feel like your relaxing.  

This smoothes the skin leaving your feet feeling feminine, soft and fresh.  I would file the feet and then apply this and leave it to soak in water for a few more minutes before washing off 

Foot Scrub

Peppermint Reviving Foot Soak

So the Peppermint Foot Soak Salts (£7.00) is more for if you are just soaking your feet in water rather then whilst having a bath.  As its peppermint you can instantly feel the salts hitting your feet and the scent working its way up.  It cools and relaxes tired feet and if you suffer from poor odour can help with that too.  I use a Foot File whilst my feet are soaked in water before beginning the exfoliant 

You can buy these products at The Body Shop - click on the links above .

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Sunday, 10 May 2015

Eylure Lashes

I wanted to review the Eylure Lashes since they are one of my most requested lashes from my clients.  Eylure lashes can be bought from most Cosmetics store in the UK such as Boots, Superdrugs, Asda ( & Worldwide)  

Since they have a variety of different types which clients get to choose from when I am doing a Makeover.  I have a few below that you can check out :

Collection of Eylure Lashes from my Kit

Lengthening  - Great for lashes who are short and one a bit of lengthening to make the eyes look a bit more dramatic and more shape.

 Exaggerate - Great for those wanting volume and lengthening,  it has more a more full effect so looks great with a Smokey Eye or just and Eyeliner 

 Volume - As it says it those who want more lashes feel like your lash hair is either too fine or not a lot, put these on and it will really open the eyes

 Party - Not your everyday unless you like to wear sparkly style on your eyes, I think this again is more for a Party makeup or Fancy Dress even, the sparkles are subtle yet effective

Nadine - From the Girls Aloud collection which are one of the popular collections Eylure have ever had - I love the sharp hair tips which is so fine and give good amount of volume

 Kimberley - These are more natural and one of my personal favourites for an everyday look or just a bit of glamour to your makeup.  

Naturals - Great for everyday, a shoot if your a MUA I love the thin band so it is less visible in pictures.  The hairs are very fine, I would say this is best for those who already have very short lashes as 'Naturals' are pretty short in the collection 

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MAC Face & Body Foundation Review

Shades L-R - White Pro, C5, C1, N6

Since I have been freelancing from 2013 one of my Makeup must have has always been the MAC Face & Body Foundation .  It has a low to medium coverage giving you a Satin natural flawless finish with a touch of dewiness.  It comes in two sizes including the 50ml and 120ml.   

Who is this for ?

This foundation is for everyone I have used this on clients who suffer from very dry skin to oily skin types. If you have oily skin use a mattifyer such as MAC Cosmetics Matte Cream or Benefit POREfessional to minimise shine.  Since it is water-resistant and long wearing you can be sure to were this on special occasions and it will last for most part of the day

How to wear ?

I like to apply this with a Buffing Brush either from MAC Cosmetics Brushes or Real Techniques Brushes  as it is build able start by applying either to the back of your hand, on brush or directly on face.  Make sure your skin is well moisturised and buff away.  If extra coverage is needed I would just take your trusty concealer and use to cover any unwanted blemishes that may need extra coverage.

Makeup Artist Secret:

The give away it being a Face & Body Foundation means you can use it on your body such as the Collar Bone, Cleavage, and Legs so if you want your legs to appear longer and slimmer just mix the Foundation with some moisturisers and apply with bare hands till it is blended into skin without no streaks 

Available in the 50ml size too 
Colour Matching ?

This foundation comes in around 15 shades including White Pro & Black Pro which a lot of us working Makeup Artists use for shows, clients on the job.  The N shades are usually more Pink toned with N1 being the palest and N9 being the darkest. The C shades are more Yellow toned with C6 being the darkest.  You can mix to get the perfect colour match seeing as it is such a weightless foundation it can be used with any other Foundation such as YSL, Burberry or Nars to name a few

Where to buy ?

You can buy this at MAC Cosmetics for the 50ml it is £21.50 and the 120ml it is £28.50.  If you have a MAC Pro card you can get 35% discount and enjoy it even more.

Recent client wearing MAC Face & Body in N2-C6 - Makeup by Zaira Cantara 

Most natural finish on another client Makeup by Zaira Cantara 

Sunday, 12 April 2015

Charlotte Tilbury Makeup Haul

The Retoucher - By far the best concealer/retoucher I have ever used, another staple in my kit  - I will be doing a review on this so don't want to go in too much detail however you can purchase them for £25.00 at any CT counter

Cheek to Chic Blusher in Climax - This is one of the many blushers CT does and mine is in the colour Climax - As you can see the centre is very peachy/pink and can be applied to the apples of the cheeks for that fresh youthful look, and the outer centre is more of a bronze which will complement majority of skin tones.  They are blend able and have the 'Red Carpet' finish look I use this on a lot of my freelance clients who of course love it.  You can buy this for £30 and comes in 8g with a mirror so great to have in your makeup bag

Beach Stick - I chose the shade Moon Beach which is peachy/apricot gold.  It has a J-lo, ultimate healthy finish and really does give the healthy beach look.  It smells delicious too sweet but not over sweet.  This can be applied with fingers and I always start on apples of cheeks and blend upwards and outwards.  I would be very careful if you are using this on a photoshoot or on a bride as picture will pick up if this isn't blended into skin well.  Last thing you want is a streak or start and finish line.  I purchased mine for £30 and its great for all seasons round .

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Monday, 30 March 2015

HAUL - Charlotte Tilbury & Illamasqua - Swatches & Review :)


I popped in to the Illamasqua counter with a friend & had to purchase a few products for my kit top up with some love
Vintage Mettalix Eye Shadows In Embellish & Courtier I used these the next day on some clients and they loved the finish, texture and overall look.  At £16.50 5ml (Makeup Artists get 40% discount) these are worth it.
They have a creamy textures, bendable, shimmer and work alone as well as applying eye shadow on top which I did also.  I used Embellish and applied Mac Cosmetics Club eye shadow on one client and she loved the colour payoff .  They are long wearing and you can apply with finger or flat shadow brush (
MUA TIP I prefer one finger to apply and the other finger to blend 
Illamasqua Haul looking so pretty
I also purchased 2 Illamasqua brushes the Highlighter Brush £24.50 great for the obvious highlighting and blush.  Blending Brush at £22 which I used for blending eye shadow.  The brushes are very soft and do pack colour on, are also easy to clean.

Embellish (top) Courtier (bottom


Ecstasy Blusher I love this  

Charlotte Tilbury - The Retoucher& Blusher in Ecstasy

Retoucher for me in shade 3

I also popped into Harvey Nichols again not meaning to buy anything but left with the two above

Charlotte Tilbury Ecstasy Blusher - I just looked at this and asked for the shade I loved the payoff and texture this I can tell will be popular with brides, everyday and party makeup. At £30 if your a makeup lover like me you'll want it,  Its my second CT blush so keep them coming  

Charlotte Tilbury Retoucher I got this shade for myself and not my kit I use this for under my eyes and blemishes and wow it works wonders, Its creamy, bendable, least creasing concealer I have and of course looks nice the packaging itself - Its £22.50 and comes in a range on tones fairing from lightest to deepest skin tones.